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About Us

We are manufacturers of Solid wooden block cutting board made of tamarind wood food grade processed & seasoned traditional cutting board. Its healthy & durable, prevents chipping & has antimicrobial qualities. This very unique piece of cutting board is hand crafted with special care from selected tamarind tree more than 100 years old.

Wooden Cutting Board by Chef's Choice is Made of Tamarind Tree Wood. Traditional Butcher's cutting board (Pulimutti) of Kerala.

Cleaning: Scrub your Tamarind cutting board with hot water and soap. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Note: Never submerge cutting boards in a sink of water. Re-seasoning once a week helps seal the wood against bacteria. An oil finish also helps prevent the wood from cracking or pulling apart at the seams. Linseed oil or flax seed oil is ideal for seasoning. You can also use food grade mineral oil for seasoning. Before applying oil to the cutting board, warm the oil slightly. Apply the oil with a soft cloth, in the direction of the wood's grain, allowing the oil to soak in. Allow the oil to soak in a few minutes, then wipe of all surface oil with dry and clean cloth. When applied, mineral oil seals the pores of the wood blocking the penetration of moisture.

Sanding: when refinishing a cutting board, you may wish to sand the surface of the wood to remove old stains, scratches, and marks. Cutting boards should be kept dry when not in use. Resident bacteria survive no more than a few hours without moisture.

Features & details

Professional Wooden Chopping Board Made of Single Piece Tamarind Tree - Tradition Butcher's Cutting Board (Pulimutti) No Chemical Joining or Glues Used - 100% Natural and Organic Hand Crafted with Special Care from Selected Tamarind Tree more than 100 Years Old It is Healthy and Durable. Prevents Chipping and has Antimicrobial Qualities Detailed Instructions for Cleaning, Re-Seasoning and Sanding are Included